Peace of Mind and Family Time

The Return of Family Time

We are located in the Philadelphia area and it is our goal to provide you with home services so that you can spend more time enjoying the things that matter to you, and less time taking care of household burdens.  


As a professional nanny for many years, I had seen families struggle with balancing family time and household duties which led me to start MDH Home Services so that I could help alleviate the burden.  As a busy and often overworked society, we tend to lose our ability to enjoy our time off due to the necessity of catching up with the menial chores that accumulate as the week goes by only so that we can be more prepared for another full week of stressful work and zero time to enjoy ourselves. Our desire to spend time with friends and family is left unfulfilled. Our desire to simply sit back and take a relaxing bath is left unfulfilled. The desire to step outside and visit that place you've been wanting to check out "one day" always seems to be for "one day" and never today.


At MDH Home Services, we are here to fix that. We strive to simplify the clutter, and provide you with more of life’s moments with friends and family. Whether it’s grocery shopping, meal preparation or chores around the house, we are here to help.


Recognizing the value in family time has been the driving force to offer our services. Eliminating the extra stress strengthens bonds, and seeing relaxed and happy households spending more time together is our ultimate goal.  

Our Services

We assist you by taking common chores off your to-do list. Our services are listed below as well as our packages. We tailor services to the needs of you and your family so any substitutions or modifications may be made to your plan!

We put your tasks on OUR to-do list!


  • Menu planning

  • Dinner Preparation

  • Dinner Cooking

  • Storing dinner meals in appropriate containers

  • Preparing freezable meals for use at later dates when busy

  • Preparing meals for gifts for friends/family in need at challenging times

  • Kitchen clean up after meal prep

  • Wash and dry dishes as needed and store

  • Lunch preparation

  • Lunch cooking

  • Storing lunches in single daily portions for ease

  • Childrens meal preparation

  • Snack preparation (cut up vegetables/fruits or store crackers/nuts etc in bags)

  • Preparing baby purees and storage

  • Preparing stock/broth for later use


  • Wash load one cycle

  • Dry load one cycle

  • Line Dry

  • Fold or Hang

  • Store in appropriate closets or drawers

  • Iron items of clothing


  • Holiday preparation (help decorate, gift wrapping etc)

  • Party preparation (pick up cake or balloons, gift wrapping, decorating)


  • Drop off or pick up dry cleaning

  • Pick up medication refills

  • Donation drop off

  • UPS/FedEx drop off or pick up

  • Post office pickup or send off mail

  • In store returns

  • Grocery shopping


  • Vacuum

  • Change sheets/ make beds

  • Wipe surfaces with appropriate cleaners (counters, tables, mirrors)

  • Dusting surfaces

  • Straightening up clutter- toys in bins, dishes in dishwasher, neat piles of papers etc

  • Emptying dishwasher

  • Seasonal decorating


  • Organizing pantries

  • Cabinets/Drawers

  • Closets

  • Dressers

  • Toy chests

  • Book shelves

  • Pulling children's clothing that the child has outgrown from the drawers and storing, then replacing with the proper size

  • Accessing areas for better organization with recommendations of needed items to utilize spaces efficiently

  • Organize family photos or scan photos to appropriate folder on computer

  • Organize files or papers

  • Label children’s clothing or dishes for school or camp

 "I wish I had done this years ago; it’s changed our home life and is definitely worth it."

Both my husband and I have demanding full time jobs. I reached a point where I felt like my sitters got to hang out with my kids and do the fun stuff while I was spending my time making sure the household functioned: groceries, meals, laundry, etc. Marie Haegele, founder of MDH, has totally changed that.  

I feel like I have way more time with my kids and that time is FUN, quality hang out time instead of multitasking. Not to mention we have healthy, real meals at a decent hour instead of me trying to get food on the table after getting home from work at 6:30 pm. It’s been a total game changer for our whole family. I delayed getting help like this because I felt like I should be able to shoulder it all.

Now, I wish I had done this years ago; it’s changed our home life and is definitely worth it.

Emily L.

Philadelphia, PA

As a new mother learning to juggle a much longer to-do list around the house (while being sleep deprived), it is truly because of MDH that I was able to have everything managed and my sanity kept! After the first few months of trying to do everything myself, I realized I was losing my "self" and chose to seek help, and I am so thankful that I did. While MDH is affordable, there really isn't a price you can put on having your life back!

Kate M.

Philadelphia, PA

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We eradicate your need to go grocery shopping each week and will travel to the market of your choice! We will choose items according to your preferences, whether it's items that are organic, non-GMO, kosher, gluten free and more. The days of you sacrificing time with loved ones to shop and wait in lengthy lines are gone!


Come home from work and sit down to a delicious meal already prepared for you! You tell us of any dietary restrictions and/or preferences and we will tailor recipes to fit your lifestyle. We prepare healthy well balanced meals for you to enjoy throughout the week!


Laundry piling up? Do the hours of waiting for cycles to complete and the folding stress you out? Wish you were using that time for something else? Our laundry service gives you one less thing to think about and more time for the enjoyable things in life!





  • Everything in Bronze and...

  • One additional meal (3 meals)

  • One additional load of laundry (2 loads)

  • Tidy up the home (pick up items around the house and put in appropriate place, neat piles of papers found in home, dishes found in dishwasher, make beds)




  • Everything in Gold and...

  • One additional meal (4 meals)

  • Up to one hour organization or straightening up of any area requested


  • Weekly menu planning according to dietary preferences up to two meals

  • Meal preparation and cooking

  • Meal storage in one batch per meal or single portions

  • Kitchen clean up

  • Wash and dry up to one load laundry

  • Fold or hang items

  • Store laundry in appropriate drawers or closets




  • Everything in Silver and....

  • One additional load of laundry (3 loads), washed, dried, folded and stored. Beds made.



  • Everything in Platinum and...

  • One additional load of laundry (4 loads)

  • Up to one hour housekeeping that may include vacuuming, dusting, wiping surfaces, making beds, tidying clutter

  • Grocery shopping

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